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35mm Slide Scanning

Established: 1970  (Over 50yrs now)

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Scan 35mm Slides -Up to 4000ppi

Scanning Slides -

Professional "NIKON", "PLUSTEK" & "SLIDESNAP"  Scanners.
Yes we do calibrate our workflow using IT8 targets.
* Note the default scanners we use are Nikon 5000ED Super Coolscan if
   you wish to use one of our other scanners we must be advised prior
   to starting the work please discuss this with us in our conversation.
* Prices exclude GST
"Nikon, Plustek & PowerSlide"
 35mm Slide Scanning Prices -
 Our Nikon & Plustek scanners will remove dust and scratches from
 Kodachrome slides most other scanners will only remove dust and
 scratches from Generic slides.
 Nikon Super CoolScan 5000ED have always had the best version of
 digital Ice and is not matched by any other scanner brand.
 A short demonstration of this will prove this to you -
 Ask us and see for yourself.    
      Per slide =
  All 2" Cardboard Mounted Slides Per Image 
       1-250   3000ppi = $1.10 ea
   251-500   3000ppi = $1.00 ea  
   501-1000 3000ppi = $0.90 ea
  1000+       3000ppi = $0.85 ea
* Saved as JPEG files (Other formats available)
* Minimum charge = $35.00
 Yes we can print photos from the slide scans.
   6x4 = $1.20 ea
   7x5 = $1.95 ea
   Includes Digital Ice , Auto Infrared dust & scratch removal  
 *  Note - Scanning with "Auto Infrared dust and scratch
     removal" is only available on high end dedicated slide
     scanners and some high end flatbed scanners.
 * This is an amazing feature that automatically removes all
     or at least most of the scratches and spots and is even
     good at removing signs of mould.
  35mm Scanning Prices -
* This scanner takes a high resolution photo of each slide.
* Does not suit dirty or badly exposed slides -
   Only Suits good clean slides.
 * Contact us for pricing
 Auto Cropping, No Rotation, No manual adjustments, No digital Ice.
 Auto Optimisation if required.
 * Minimum Charge per project = $35.00
 *Burn files to Data CD or DVD media disc. = $10.50c per disc.
  (Includes disc & slim jewel case)
 *32gb Flash Drive supplied by us = $15.00
 *Write files to Flash drive supplied by you = $10.00


    Scanning =  $4.20 per slide.

 * Minimum Charge per project = $30.00


Roll Film -

35mm Roll film Frames $1.95 per frame up to 2400ppi.

(Minimum 4 -6 frames per length)

Selected frames = $3.00 per Frame at 2400ppi.

APS Cartridges -

 Full Cartridge =$2.80 per frame  (Not selected frames)

  Minimum Charge per project = $30.00.
*Burn files to Data CD-R or DVD-R media disc.   = $11.50c per disc.
  (Includes disc & slim jewel case)
 *16gb Flash Drive supplied by us = $14.00
 *Write files to Flash drive supplied by you = $10.00
* Unless otherwise stated -
   Each slide will be dusted, cropped and manually adjusted by
   our expert technician to obtain the best possible image.
    Images are saved as .jpg files
    We can save to other formats if required. (Extra costs may apply)

* Yes we do use "Kodak Digital Ice" infrared scanning to remove minor spots and mould.

* Note - We dust but do not clean slides of mould or other marks, please make sure your
   slides are as clean as possible. (Please feel free to ask us for  directions about this).
* If you would like your slides to appear in a particular order please pre-arrange
   and number your slides in the order you want, they can then be placed in the
   machine in that order.
   Our software will number each file as it is scanned.


Want a Video Slideshow -

   For Slide Shows complete with music = $ (See slideshow package prices

   Note all prices are are subject to change without prior notice.

* Note - The above prices are to be taken as a guide only and do not in any way constitute a quotation 

Please contact us for pricing or phone: 07 576-4158 Tauranga.

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