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Photo & Film Scanning

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 * NEW SERVICE - New Technology

   We can now scan individual photos in a photo album without
   removing the plastic cover or the photos from the album.
   For more information contact us.

  High Quality  "Epson, Microtek & "Kodak"  Photo scanning

 Scans up to A4 size images - Includes "Kodak Photo Rescue" and  "Kodak Digital Ice"

Photo Scanning & Printing
With our professional Industry Grade Scanners we can scan photo`s up to A4 size at low to high resolutions to suit your needs.
All photo`s will be dusted, cropped and minor adjustments for levels and colour. If you would like your images to appear in a particular order please pre-arrange and number the photo`s on the back with a pencil or label, in the order that you want, the photo`s can then be placed in our scanner in that order ---our software will number each file as it is processed.   
* Resizing, Removal of spots and blemishes, major adjustments etc will be charged at our normal hourly rate as in Photo Restoration.

Kodak Professional Bulk Photo Scanning
   * Our special offer *
New - Shoebox Scanning (Bulk) -- At 600ppi
Using our Kodak PS50/80 photo scanner system.
Photo scanning to CD or USB of any loose photo`s up to A4 size now scanned at -       
  $44.00 (+ gst)  
(That is only 44c per image)
 For batches of 100 photo`s 
 * Auto cropping & Auto adjustments *
 * Photos must be clean and flat with no sticky substances on the back.

  Microtek & Epson V850
 Flatbed Scanning
  Pricing for Scanning Individual Photos -- 
  (Prices exclude gst)

                         300ppi        600ppi

  Up to 7x5"  =  $0.75c    0.93c     

           8x6"  =  $1.00      1.25

         10x8"  =  $5.00      6.25

           A4     =  $9.00    11.25

* Includes Digital Ice Auto Scratch and Dust removal

* Other Photo sizes or Higher resolutions- Please ask.
(The resulting files can be used in slides shows)
* Photo`s supplied in an Album or Pages (Unable to be taken off) - Add 20%
Individual Negative Negatives
120 Medium Format = $3.45ea
4x5 Large format      = $4.55ea

Write Files to --

 *Burn files to Data CD or DVD media disc. = $10.00 per disc.
  (  Includes Slim Jewel case and our standard Printed label on disc.)
 *USB Flash Drive (32GB) Supplied by DPV $9.90 per drive
  Write to USB Flash Drive Supplied by you  $10.00 per drive.
  Extra Copies of CD = As above
  Minimum Charge per project = $35.00


 Print resulting scan files to Photographic Paper

 Approximate sizes =
    6x4"    (150x100)      $1.20   ea
    7x5"    (175x125)      $3.00   ea
    8x6"    (200x150)      $5.00   ea
  10x8"    (250x200)      $10.00 ea
     A4     (280x195)       $12.00 ea
     A3     (297x420)       $16.00 ea

    Minimum Charge per project = $35.00

* All prices are to be taken as a guide only and do not in any way constitute a quotation.
Please contact us for more information if required.

"We save Precious Memories"


EPSON ff680 Photo Scanner



PLUSTEK A320e Wide Format A3 Scanner.