Digital Photographics & Video Ltd

Slides & Negatives to Digital

Using Professional Slide Scanners
Using our Nikon 5000ED, EPSON, Microtek, Plustek and SlideSnap  Auto Multiple Slide Scanners
which scan at very high resolution,s we are able to offer Slide Scanning of all common photographic slides:
  • 127 Super Slide Scanning
  • 120 Medium Format Scanning
  • Standard 35MM Slide Scanning
  • Half Frame 35MM Slide Scanning
  • 126 Slide Scanning
  • Super 35MM Slide Scanning
  • 110 Sub Miniature Slide Scanning
  • 110 Slide Scanning
  • Mamiya Slides.
The NIKON 5000ED COOLSCAN is fully Automated and is rated as one of the best
slide scanners in the world it includes " Digital Ice " Infrared scanning which auto
removes dust etc from the scans.
The PLUSTEK Slide scanners are not Automated but are rated up with the
Nikon scanner and also have Infrared Digital Ice Included.
The EPSON  V850 Pro Is capable of scanning slides and Photos to a very high
resolution and also has ISRD which is the same as Digital Ice.
The SlideSnap produces clear high resolution images fast by taking photos of the
slides is rated as the fastest slide scanner in the world but does not have Digital Ice
for dust removal. ( Slides need to be clean and dust free)
Colour and Level controls are available for use with all these scanners.
The "Built in Infrared Channel" in Nikon, Plustek and Epson Scanners can detect
dust and scratches on the surface of the original negatives and slides. It is highly
useful for the defect removal without retouching the images
Nikon 5000ED 4000ppi Slide Scanner

Nikon 5000ED Auto Multiple Slide and Roll Film Scanner   --- Scans up to 4000ppi

(These Scanners are rated best in the world for scanning 35mm Slides)

                         Nikon Single Slide Scanning                       Nikon Roll Film Scanning

Standard 35mm Slide

126 Slide

110  Sub Miniature Slide

120 Medium Format Slide

Half Frame 35mm Slide

Super 35mm Slide

110 Slide

Mamiya Slide

Photo system Cassette.
We have the Fuji  AP-1 and can transfer the images from these cassette`s to Digital.

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