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We are currently reducing the amount of Photo Restoration work we undertake --

Please call us and discuss your project with us for further information.

Most of us want to record and save our family memories and heritage. Photographs good or bad are an excellent medium to scan and save in a digital format for future generations. Time and life can be tough on old photos leaving childhood or ancestor photos torn, ripped, damaged and faded. We can restore photos or repair the damage to bring your photos back to life. The photo restoration process does not change or damage the original photo in any way.

Here are some examples of our photo restoration work.

PHOTO RESTORATION where needed can be carried out using digital files, produced by scanning the original photo producing excellent renditions of the original. Using specialist software we can remove creases, rips and tears from your old or damaged photographs. Perhaps you have some old documents or birth certificates you would like us to restore? We can remove rips, tears, creases and other damage from them too.
Digital Photographics & Video Ltd can restore photos up to A3 size. The photo restoration process starts with us scanning the original photograph using professional quality photo scanners. Restoration of the photo image then proceeds with digital removal of creases and cracks, adjusting the colours and reprinting the restored photo. All of this is done without touching the original Photo.

The resulting restored photo files which are in high quality JPEG format can also be written to a memory stick, DVD or CD-R that you can keep and make copies of, for your family. (Other formats available on request).

As each restoration is individual and different, we will need to sight the original for an accurate estimate of the costs involved in the Photo Restoration process.

We use high end Epson, Microtek and Nikon photo scanners with industry standard "Adobe Photoshop" software to produce results that will surprise you.

Our scanners have built in technology that removes most dust and small scratches automatically producing high quality scans of the original Photo.

*The finished results of any Photo Restoration will largely depend on the condition  of the original photo, however  we are specialists and have years of experience in this industry, we know you will be pleasantly surprised at the outcome.

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