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You probably already know that Video Tape has a limited life span on the shelf and begins to degenerate in quality from the moment they are recorded, not to mention the odd hiccup with the video machine deciding to chew up your tapes.

VHS, BETACAM & All CAMERA tapes to USB Conversion
A popular solution to preserving precious video tapes is to Convert them to a digital format and Transfer them to USB Computer file.
Editing of Audio or Video is not included but can be done if requested at an extra cost.
DVD to USB Conversion
Most new computers now come without a CD or DVD Drive.
If you have a family DVD that you wish to watch on USB we can convert the DVD to a computer file such MP4 which will enable you to watch the movie from a USB Flash drive or Portable USB drive.  Please see our pricing page for further details.
  • VHS to USB
  • DVD to USB
  • VHS-C to USB
  • Video8 to USB
  • Hi-8 to USB
  • Digital 8 to USB
  • Mini DV video tapes USB
  • Betacam SP to Digital Transfers
  • DVD to DVD Duplication
  • Hard Drive camera contents to USB
  • Memory stick or Memory card contents to HDD, CD or USB
  • All Conversion & Transfers to USB, or Blu-Ray 
  • Professional Video Editing
  • Media Transfers
  • Film to USB
  • Media Conversions

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