Digital Photographics & Video Ltd

Video Slide Shows

Professional Video Slideshows

Produced as SD (Wide Screen) on USB, DVD
or BluRay.
With years of experience, recent advances and upgrades to our Professional
slideshow software we are now able to offer Stunning Slideshow packages to suit
your needs at more competitive prices.
If you have already scanned your images (Photo`s, Slides etc) - bring them to us on disc,
Memory stick or in whatever medium you have and our creative technician will produce a stunning
slide show that will make you smile and it will not break the bank.
* Note if you are about to scan the images yourself please contact us for scanning detail.
If you have not scanned your images - we can do that for you and produce the same stunning
slide show which will surprise your friends and family at prices you can afford.
We can also produce Custom Built "One off" slideshows with special titles,
captions, movement, pan & scan, animation and up to full page stories or explanations.
We can produce your slideshow in a special theme, for example a "Sales Theme",
"Wedding Theme", "Birthday Theme",  "Holiday Theme", "Legacy Theme" and we can produce
a special loving presentation for a "Funeral" there is almost no limit to what can be acheived.
To top it off we can also place "Video clips" "Certificates" etc, etc, into the slideshow
and we can also place an old slideshow that you may have in to the new slideshow - tell us
what you want and we will do our best to produce for you a slideshow that you can be proud of.
For Business and Sales we can produce stunning packages tro suit your needs.
* For pricing please check out our "Pricing" link in the header at the top of this page.
* For pricing of Custom Built Slide Shows please contact us direct.
Watch this space for a Video Sample - coming soon.