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Reel to Reel Audio Tape & LP Records to CD or MP3

Established: 1970 

Audio Tape- Conversion to CD-R, MP3 or USB
* Standard transfer - Auto removal of Hiss, Clicks, Pops & Rumble.
* For EQ processing and manual editing contact us.
 Price List  -
 * All Prices exclude gst *
  REEL TO REEL Tapes (1/4")  
   To Digital

 50ft Reel    (7.5cm)    $60.00 per side

 200ft Reel  (12.5cm    $70.00 per side

 300ft Reel  (14.5cm)   $80.00 per side

 400ft Reel  (17.5cm) $103.00 per side

* Minimum Charge $60.00
*Other sizes $2.00 per minute of runtime.
Audio Cassettes
  To Digital

 Cassette    Qnty        To CD

  0-60min       1     $30.00 per side

  0-90min       1     $45.00 per side

  0-120min     1     $60.00 per side

* Minimum Charge $30.00

 LP Vinyl Records

 To Digital

   RPM                   Qnty      To CD

  78rpm                    1       $50.00ea

  45rpm Singles       1       $30.00ea

  45rpm Multi Track  1       $45.00ea

  33rpm                    1       $45.00ea

* Editing if required at extra cost. $100.00 per hour + gst
* Note some LP records may not be suitable for conversion.
* The quality of the finished CD is subject to the quality of the original record. 
* Reel to Reel Audio Tapes - Pricing does not include Multi Track Tapes. 
* Tape Cassette`s --
   Pricing is minimum prices based on recording in SP mode (Standard Play)
   LP  (Long Play mode) will result in more time recorded on the tape.
* Subject to copyright- We will not copy, copyright material.
* The Act does allow you to make 1x backup copy of an original recording
    that you own, for personal private use only, for further information about
    this please contact us or refer to APPRA.


(The above prices are to be taken as a guide only and do not in any way constitute a quotation.)

Tape Recorder

                        Reel to Reel Tape Recorder

TASCAM 202 MKV11 Pro

    TASCAM 202 MKV11 Pro Cassette Recorder/Player