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  Video Tape Transfer Price Guides Below.


* Please note that all tapes must now be cleaned before we play or
   convert them. 
* All tapes that are not mouldy are "Standard" cleaned of dust residue
   prior to transfer -- 
 Standard cleaning Cost is included in the transfer price.
*  > Other cleaning if required.
* Clean mould (light to medium infection) = $11.50 per tape.
* Clean mould (heavy to severe infection) = Sorry we are not able to
   transfer these tapes.
* For NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC Standards conversion
   please add 20% to our transfer prices. (U.S.A Tapes)

 Any "Camera" Video Tape or Cassette to File on USB

* Includes  Mini DV, Video8, Hi-8, Digital 8 
* Also hard drive camera contents.
                          Conversion Charge
                                                    Excluding gst       Including gst                   
Any Camera tape up to 1 hr   =  $29.00 ea   $33.35
Any Camera tape up to 2 hrs  = $33.00 ea   $37.95
Any Camera tape up to 3 hrs  = $37.00 ea    $42.55
Any Camera tape up to 4 hrs  = $41.00 ea    $47.15
Extra hours over 4hrs = $20.00 per hour or part thereof. 
* Above are captured to SD and saved to MP4
* For uncompressed AVI captures add 25% to the above prices.
* Includes Standard Cleaning
* Does not include USB Flash Drive
* Load file onto one flash drive supplied by client $10.00
 *Note - If supplied by yourself USB Flash drives must be new and
  unused as we may need to re-format the drive, also it helps to
  avoid us catching a virus from drives that have been used in many
  different computers.
   Any "VHS' or VHS-C Video Tape to File
  on DVD or USB Flash Storage.  
* Includes Betacam SP *
 Number of Tapes.    Conversion Charge.
                          Excluding gst    GST Included
    0-01  Tape     =  $39.13        $45.00
    2-05  Tapes   =  $34.78        $40.00 
    6-10  Tapes   =  $30.43        $35.00
  11-25  Tapes   =  $36.09        $30.00
   - Over 25 tapes contact us.
 * Allowed up to three hours recording on a tape.
 ( Over three hours ??
 (  Add $20.00 for every hour or part thereof over three hours )
* Includes standard cleaning 
* Does not include USB Flash Drive
* Load file onto one flash drive supplied by client $10.00
   For NTSC to PAL and PAL to NTSC Standards conversion
  please add 20% to the above transfer prices. (U.S.A Tapes)
*  Broken VHS tape repairs = $30.00 per tape + gst.
We will not copy any material found to be Copyright this includes
    any tape recorded from or off a TV program.
 Convert a Family DVD to a "File on USB" 
  * Per Disc *
Most new computers now come without a CD or DVD Drive.
If you have a family DVD that you wish to watch on USB we can
convert the DVD to a computer file such MP4 which will enable
you to watch the movie from a USB Flash drive or Portable USB drive.
Cost = $20.00 +gst per DVD or CD plus the flash drive.
 * Does not include the USB Flash Drive
 * Load file onto one flash drive supplied by client $11.50
 * See below for Flash Drive Pricing.
   * Note - Many TV brands will play video files from a USB flash drive or
   SSD hard drive but not all TV,s are set up to handle MP4 files and some
   even want special USB drives or formats therefore we are not able to
   guarantee that the MP4 file we produce will play in all brands of TV.
   If you require special formats the process to produce other file types
   is different from that which we use and will probably be an extra cost.
 * Enhancement and Editing of Audio or Video is not included but can
    be done if requested at an extra cost.  
 * An Empty Portable USB Hard Drive is preferred -
   Formatted NTFS or EXFAT which is required to store the files this can
   be supplied by you or we can supply for you at extra cost. (Talk to us).
* Note - We are not able to offer firm quotations on VHS or Camera tape
   transfers or HDD Camera content Transfers as we do not know the
   condition of the tapes, times recorded on each tape or whether they
   were recorded in "Standard play" or "Long Play"
   Please use our very competitive pricing guides above.
   Note - The above prices are subject to change without prior notice
   and to be taken as a guide only and do not in any way constitute a
   We may require a part deposit before production starts.

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